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The sun sets over the Hudson River during our Friday tour.

Ok, we do have the best sunsets here in the Hudson Valley. It’s the combination of the river, the mountains and fresh air all working together to create picturesque scenes for us to soothe our souls.

We’ll maybe I am laying it on a bit thick. You decide. A picture says 1,000 words, right? Well what do you think of the sunsets from the photo above? Pretty lucky, right? We think so. To be able to live in this area and get to experience the beauty of the Hudson River, its magic. Yes, we are very lucky.

It you are looking to get out and have your soul soothed, contact us, we would be happy to get you out there.


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The Halfmoon makes its way up the Hudson.

The Halfmoon makes its way up the Hudson.

How much fun would it be to paddle along with the historic arrival of the flotilla of ships as they travel up the Hudson River and approach Beacon?

Well, on Sunday, June 7, from 2 to 7 pm you have a chance. Several tall ships will be coming to Beacon’s waterfront as part of the Quadricentennial Celebration . Included in the flotilla will be the Clipper “City” which will fly the Scenic Hudson flag as it arrives.

Prior to the arrival of the ships, Scenic Hudson will dedicate a waterfront trail in honor of Klara Sauer, a former executive director with the agency from 1979-99. The dedication will begin at 1pm.

So grab your paddle and boat and come out for the festivities. The flotilla will continue up the Hudson, we will keep you posted on the times and dates.

Wednesday’s tides; high – 11:24am, low – 5:54pm.

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