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A beautiful sunset paddle in Tivoli Bays.

I will not ruin the mood by saying too much, but what a gift to see such a beautiful sight.


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It’s summer, some say the dog-days of summer.

We have been keeping a close eye on the weather, and with careful planning, have been getting plenty of time out on the water despite the stormy wet weather. On Wednesday we got out and played in the gentle waves produced by the out-going tide and our more friendly wind from the north.

Just after loading up the boats, around 8pm, a rain storm came through producing a beautiful rainbow off to the southeast.

Dog star, Sirius? It’s the star, brightest in the sky this time of year. It is also where the phrase dog-days of summer comes from. Check it out at EarthSky.

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Kayaking the Hudson River near Kingston Point.

Ok, there is no doubt about it. Summer is here, and we are out on the water having fun! We have taken guests out all weekend, from Kingston Point, Rhinecliff and Tivoli Bays, even North Lake, we’re on the water and loving it.

Bald eagles enjoying a meal near the Rondout Creek.

We have seen bald eagles, otters, beaver, and tons of other cool things. Fish jumping, lightning bugs hatching and yes even fireworks.

So what did you do over the holiday weekend? Did you go out? Think about going out? What’s the hold up? Come out with us and enjoy the water.

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Piles of driftwood line the eastern shore of the Hudson River.

After a hot day in the office, mowing the lawn, or whatever has you heated up, there is no better way to cool off than taking an evening paddle on the Hudson River. There is cool breeze that comes off the water that is refeshing after the hot humid winds from earlier in the day. You can dip your arms in the water, even take a swim if you like. Mmm, it’s so soothing.

There is always so much to see. Last night just as the sun set below the Catskill Mountains, I was sitting in a small cove when I spied an otter playing in the water. At first I thought it was a large eel, but sure enough the curious animal turned out to be an otter. What a treat.

A couple of things to keep in mind when going out in the evening: Be particularly aware of the motor boat traffic; make sure you bring a white stern light in case you get caught out after dark; stay close to shore where powerboats can’t go after the sun goes down, you’re much safer there. Oh, and always, have fun!

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The sun sets over the Hudson River during our Friday tour.

Ok, we do have the best sunsets here in the Hudson Valley. It’s the combination of the river, the mountains and fresh air all working together to create picturesque scenes for us to soothe our souls.

We’ll maybe I am laying it on a bit thick. You decide. A picture says 1,000 words, right? Well what do you think of the sunsets from the photo above? Pretty lucky, right? We think so. To be able to live in this area and get to experience the beauty of the Hudson River, its magic. Yes, we are very lucky.

It you are looking to get out and have your soul soothed, contact us, we would be happy to get you out there.

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One of our friends from the Rhinecliff paddles on the Hudson River during sunset.

We love to  go out and paddle the Hudson River at sunset. It is a quiet, soothing time. Recently we were able to take John and Mary from the Rhinecliff Hotel to see first hand what it’s all about.

Not only did we have a wonderful time watching the sunset, but we were treated to seeing large carp rolling, flipping and twisting there way in a feeder stream and the weeds just north from Rhinecliff. Most seemed to be about 2-3 feet long. Very cool.

We can’t promise performing carp, but we always find something along our way. Join us!

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Edie paddles north on the Hudson River.

Rattle, rattle, crack, it’s open. “Smile.    Smile and it will keep you young”

Fortune cookies are one of my favorite parts of eating Chinese food. Not only do you have a great dessert, but you get to find out the real meaning of life, glimpse into the future and learn a new language. Do you believe them? Do you save them? Well, I have to admit, I save the really good ones. Some of them really hit home.

I feel so fortunate to live in Rhinecliff. We have the China Rose and The Rhinecliff Hotel sitting right there on the Hudson River. If you are not out on the river catching the sunset while paddling, I think they offer “almost” the same amazing views to watch the sun slowly set over the Catskill Mountains.

We have the luxury of rolling our kayaks down to the river, and tonight, just in time to catch the fading light over the mountains. We paddled for a bit. Talked about how the ice changed the coastline of the river. Looked around for our feathered friends in the sky, the Bald Eagles and made our way north. Up to a quiet cove to relax a bit. Then we headed back to the Rhinecliff Waterfrond Park. What a great way to spend the evening.

Oh, and we smiled.  A lot!

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