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A beautiful sunset paddle in Tivoli Bays.

I will not ruin the mood by saying too much, but what a gift to see such a beautiful sight.


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During a recent trip to Tivoli Bays guests navigate past large rocks.

One of our favorite places to take our guests is Tivoli Bays. We get to explore the winding marsh area before traveling under the railroad bridge into the Hudson River. Just before the bridge the bay opens up and gives an amazing view of the Catskill Mountains. It’s quite breathtaking.

Once out into the river we work our way around the two islands, Cruger and Magdalen. Usually we are treated to the sights of Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons and White Egrets.

Some where along the line we find a nice place to beach our kayaks and enjoy lunch. And maybe get a swim in too.

The Catskill Mountains backdrop the bay.

After a healthy lunch we work our way along the islands and the railroad tracks back toward the marsh. Right now the Cardinal flowers are in full vivid bloom.

It you haven’t got out to enjoy the bay yet, contact us. We would be happy to share the beauty with you.

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Kayaking the Hudson River near Kingston Point.

Ok, there is no doubt about it. Summer is here, and we are out on the water having fun! We have taken guests out all weekend, from Kingston Point, Rhinecliff and Tivoli Bays, even North Lake, we’re on the water and loving it.

Bald eagles enjoying a meal near the Rondout Creek.

We have seen bald eagles, otters, beaver, and tons of other cool things. Fish jumping, lightning bugs hatching and yes even fireworks.

So what did you do over the holiday weekend? Did you go out? Think about going out? What’s the hold up? Come out with us and enjoy the water.

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Two of our guests experience the magic of Tivoli Bays on Sunday.

There is so much beauty to see when you paddle Tivoli Bays, which is made up of two large coves surrounded by wooded bluffs. It is one of our favorite places to introduce people to the water.  From the tidal marsh you get an amazing view of the Catskill Mountains when looking off to the west. Right now all but the highest peaks are covered in spring green.

A turtle rests on a stump in the sun in Tivoli Bays.

As we navigated through the bays we saw narrowleaf cattail (Typha angustifolia), spatterdock (Nuphar advena) and wild rice (Zizania aquatica) interspersed with purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) and common reed (Phragmites australis). We also notice larges patches of yellow iris in bloom.

During the tours we spotted great blue herons, a pair of bald eagles, and a green heron.

It is very important to keep the tides in mind when exploring the bays. There is about a four hour window of time around high tide which allows access to the  many wonderful inlets.

As we wound up the tour we drifted up to the north end where the Stony Creek empties into the bay. As we approached the gurgling fresh water, we were greeted by the cool breath of air spilling over the sun-warmed water of the bay. One can only comprehend this magical kiss from the fresh water by experiencing it.

Join us sometime.

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We have a tour leaving Tivoli Bays at 2pm on Sunday and have two more spots open. It’s going to be a B-A-U-tiful day!!! Oh, did I mention the wild yellow Iris are in bloom?

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The leaves are turning green and the water is warming up.

The weather has taken that turn, you know, when there are more sunny days than gray rainy ones. It is once again time to get back out on the water. We are gearing up for another wonderful season with our friends who share our love for the water. We also look forward to introducing the water-soothing experience with many new people in the upcoming season. If you are looking for a fun, safe experience, drop us a line. We can get you there.

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It's spring and we are back out on the Hudson River.


We have had a great winter, but now it is time to clean up the boats and get back out on the water. I pulled one of the boats down and opened the hatch, a couple of left over objects from last season. A few really cool rocks, a Nalgene bottle I thought I lost, still filled with water, and a trusty stern light.

After sorting thought all the right safety gear, getting on the appropriate clothes, Edie, Sam and I headed out to paddle. Wow, does it feel good to be back on the water.

We had so much fun on Thursday that we ventured back out on Saturday. Guess what we saw? Our first heron of the season up in Tivoli Bay.

Stop back soon, we will be updating the blog regularly again.

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